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At our recent "Rainbow Ball", a number of video clips were shown to illustrate the diet and the work of Matthew's Friends.  We thought it worth sharing them with you here:

Everybody Hurts

A heartbreaking introduction to Matthew - the boy behind the charity


An "Advert" for the ketogenic diet and Matthew's Friends, created by one of our parents.

Food Glorious Food

A collection of some of the wonderful meals created by Wendy - one of our parents.

Make a Better Place

Leigh - One of our MF mums - came all the way from South Africa to attend our last conference - here are her memories of the visit.

A Happy Ending

The final chapter from our DVD, showing the difference that the diet has made to some of our kiddies

Alices' Story

This was a talk that Alice (Matthew's 13 year old Sister) made at the Parental Conference held back in November 2009 on what it has been like for her growing up with a sibling with severe epilepsy.

Interview with Parents

After the parental conference in November 2009 group of parents, together with some MF staff side down to discuss the frustrations of not be able to access the diet, as well as discussing what these diets have meant for some of us.
And here are another couple of clips you may find interesting:

Ketogenic Biscuits

Gail makes egg free keto biscuits

Weighing and Batching

Gail demonstrates her method of dividing up batches



See Neil the Chef from Nutricia demonstrate doing some cooking with ketocal which we did at our last Parental conference in 2009.  While he was doing this there were some demonstrations and tastings going on around the room - so there is some chat in the backgroud - we do apologise - but this is a another taster of the kind of things that can be done.

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