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Purple Day

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Purple Day – March 26th

Purple Day was started in 2008 by a nine year old girl called Cassidy
Megan who comes from Nova Scotia, Canada and she has epilepsy.

She started Purple Day to dispel myths and the stigma attached to
epilepsy. She wants to let everyone know that there are different
degrees of epilepsy and it affects different people in different
ways. She wants everyone to know that people with epilepsy are the
same as everyone else, just ordinary people. Cassidy wants to let
other children with epilepsy know that they are not alone. Epilepsy
affects over 50 million people worldwide.

Cassidy wanted to have a day where the whole world could think
about epilepsy and that is now 26th March.

And why the colour purple?
Lavender is the international colour for epilepsy.

At Matthew’s Friends we were so impressed with her story and her
courage that we just had to get involved and we are VERY proud to
be the UK Partners for Purple Day. An 8 year old boy was the
inspiration behind Matthew’s Friends and now a 9 year old girl is

going to make sure that the world knows about epilepsy and we want to help her do this.
If everyone can wear purple on the 26th March EVERY YEAR, then the word will spread about epilepsy and we want to get people talking. Cassidy encourages people to hold fundraising events or parties on Purple Day, by whichever means you want. It is not only about fundraising, it is about raising awareness.
Take Care Emma Williams Founder/Chief Executive – Matthew’s Friends

Promotional Purple Day bookmarks and badges will be available shortly.



will be participating in Purple Day on Friday.  They are also hosting a purple day cake sale.






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