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Press Don't Panic

Matthew’s Friends Endorses Press Don’t Panic

The recently launched Press Don't Panic® audio button is the latest revolution in medical identification, designed by epilepsy sufferer Samuel Docherty specifically for those at risk of fit or seizure. Press Don't Panic® is a small, extremely noticeable, clearly medical, audio device which communicates vital, potentially lifesaving information in a medical emergency - at the press of a button.

It allows the wearer to record a personal message containing emergency procedure and essential medical information. This information can then be played back whenever the wearer requires assistance. Playback of the personal recorded message can be initiated by the wearer or by those offering assistance in an emergency, simply by pressing the button at the front of the device.

Those assisting – whether medical professionals or members of the public - will be given clear, concise instructions about what to do, who to contact and how to administer any medication the wearer may be carrying. This could, in some cases, be lifesaving.

The product has received a glowing endorsement from Matthew’s Friends, the UK based charity which raises awareness of dietary treatments for epilepsy internationally. CEO of the charity and Matthew’s mother, Emma Williams, said: “I am extremely impressed with the Press Don’t Panic audio button and will be using it for Matthew.

The device could be extremely reassuring for some of our families who just want to make sure that their loved one receives the correct care and attention that they need in times of emergency.  This little device certainly can help with that.”

The audio button is available now from www.pressdontpanic.com and retails at just £29.99 plus £1.95 postage to mainland UK. Alternatively, order by phone and quote ‘Matthew’s Friends’ to donate £1.50 per device to the charity– call 01721 730311

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