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Infantile spasms

Tuberous sclerosis 


This section contains abstracts of papers relevant to the ketogenic diet, divided into 12 subject areas relating to particular topics as listed below. Within each subject area, abstracts are listed by reverse date order, starting with the most recent.

 1. Anti-epileptic medication and the ketogenic diet

 2. Carnitine and the ketogenic diet

 3. Complications of the ketogenic diet

 4. Discontinuation and long-term follow up of the ketogenic diet

 5. Efficacy of the ketogenic diet – general

 6. Efficacy of the ketogenic diet - specific syndromes, seizure types and age groups

 7. Growth and body mass index on the ketogenic diet

 8. Implementation of the ketogenic diet

 9. Low glycemic index treatment

 10. Mechanisms of the ketogenic diet

 11. Modified Atkins diet

 12. Other benefits of the ketogenic diet


The literature has all been reviewed in Pubmed, but NOT ALL abstracts are included here for practical reasons. Papers have been chosen that have most relevance to the clinical practice of the diet, and has in no way tried to favour particular authors or institutions. Individuals seeking further literature on the different topics can search on Pubmed if they wish (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed). Full papers can be obtained via the websites of the individual journals, but usually at a cost.

Information correct as of end of December 2009

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