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Liquid Sweetener

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We do know that sometimes this can be very difficult to get hold of.  We do carry a stock here at Matthew’s Friends and a bottle is included in our starter packs.  If you can’t get hold of any locally then you can order from us and the prices are below.  It does seem pricey but a little goes a long way.  You could also buy the tablets and dissolve them in boiling water and then let the water cool.  That will give you a version of liquid sweetener if you find this easier to use.

Liquid Hermesetas P&P Price List

Per Bottle £2.99

1 x bottle - £2.99  +  P&P £2.00  = £4.99
2 x bottles - £5.98  +  P&P £2.50  = £8.48
3 x bottles - £8.97  +  P&P £3.00  = £11.97
4 x bottles - £11.96  +  P&P £4.30  = £16.26
5 x bottles - £14.95  +  P&P £4.70  = £19.65
6 x bottles - £17.94  +  P&P £5.20  = £23.14

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