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What is EKM?

EKM (Electronic Ketogenic Manager) has been designed to be a simple yet effective tool for dietitians and parents to produce or modify ketogenic meal plans (Classic or Modified).  It is not designed to replace the dietitian or medical supervision while the patient is following a ketogenic diet.  The program is provided with data from the UK food data tables but new food or regional food values can be added directly or imported from a CSV file.

How can I get EKM?

Parent or Carer: Contact us at ekm@edm2000.com and provide your name (not your child's name) and the email and name of the dietitian or doctor that is supervising you child's ketogenic diet.  Once the dietitian has verified to us that your child is being medically supervised then we will send you out the down load link and password to enable you to obtain EKM.

Medical Professional: Contact us from your hospitals email address requesting a copy of EKM.  We will send you out the down load link and password to enable you to obtain the EKM professional version.

What do I do if I have a problem with EKM?

Any user of EKM can email us with any EKM problems to ekm@edm2000.com.  Within EKM there is a remote support option that is only active when selected by the user from the Help menu.  This will permit us to fix or update EKM remotely.

How can I get training for EKM?

EKM is a fairly simple application and the majority of what you will need to know is contained in the Help file (press F1 within EKM).  Many dietitians will provide a short training overview of the program to parents before authorising the down load.  If a group of dietitians require formal training within a hospital then this can be arranged subject to distance and some simple conditions.

How much does EKM cost?

Currently EKM is provided free to all users.  We are developing a more advanced version for  medical professionals that will have a charge associated with it.

Who uses EKM?

EKM is used literally world wide.  We currently have over 500 users and a short list of the countries is listed below:

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, South Africa, Canada, USA, Sweden, New Zealand, Belgium, Japan, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, Central America, Greece, Hong Kong, Slovenia, Indonesia, Finland, Austria, Singapore, India, Poland, U.A.E., Qatar, Romania, Norway.

EKM summary:

The program will assist in the calculation of individual meals for patients on a Ketogenic Diet.  The values for Fat, Protein and Carbohydrate along with the calorific value and ketogenic ratio will be calculated.  These meals can be modified and copied as required and detail or summary meal plans printed.

Additional foods can be added to the initial data set.  This can include specialist items such as dietary products.  The program is supplied with a full set of data from the McCance 6th edition of the Composition of Foods under special license.

Note for Dietitians: This program is a small sub-set of a larger program called EDM2000 that is used in many hospitals across England, Ireland and Wales.  The EDM2000 system will provide calculation of modular feeds, special diets, PN and milk room production facilities (including bottle labels), for dietetic departments.  Please visit http://www.edm2000.com for more details.

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