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Dr. Tuschka du Toit, Dietician

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I am a dietician with a private practice in South Africa. But I’m also a biochemist - I have studied biochemistry and completed my doctorate (PhD) specifically in the field of genetics (molecular biochemistry). I loved doing research, but I felt that I wanted to help people, especially children, in a more direct manner. Hence the further studies into nutrition where one-to-one consultations and individual care is imperative.

My biochemical background together with the nutritional knowledge opened novel fields for me. I have two fields in which I specialise – the ketogenic diet, and inborn errors of metabolism (metabolic defects). Unfortunately we don’t get the proper and needed training to manage the ketogenic diet (we don’t even have a ketogenic centre in SA!). I thus set out to empower myself with knowledge and to liaise with all the experts such as Carrie and Emma! I have a lot of success stories and it’s absolutely amazing to work with the dedicated parents and to see the positive effects of the diet.

I’m very privileged to be involved in Matthew’s Friends and to be part of the team to raise awareness and educate those that have little knowledge of the diet, which includes other health professionals.

With regard to the manner in which I manage the diet, I also try to fine tune the diet alongside blood ketone and glucose values. Based on experience, I also believe that carnitine plays an essential role in the diet’s success. I am currently part of a research project that involves the role of fatty acids in intractable epilepsy, with the ketogenic diet and carnitine playing a huge role.

Tel:   012 996 1710  012 996 1710 or  082 454 3123  082 454 3123




Tuschka has very kindly summarised a number of ketogenic related publications for us:

Doctors and Recipes

Plasma free carnitine in epilepsy children, adolescents and young adults treated with old and new antiepileptic drugs with or without ketogenic diet

Benefits of the Non-fasting Ketogenic diet compared with the initial fasting ketogenic diet

More Fat and fewer seizures: dietary therapies for epilepsy

The ketogenic diet: Adolescents can do it, too

Low Glycemic Index Treatment: A liberalized ketogenic diet for treatment of intractable epilepsy

Selenium deficiency associated with Cardiomyopathy: A complication of the ketogenic diet

Potential role of polyunsaturates in seizure protection achieved with the ketogenic diet

Doctors and Recipes

Nutritient Requirements

Tuschka has also summarised daily nutrient requirements as discussed on the forum:

Nutritient Requirements

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