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Basic MCT Recipes

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Cereal Breakfast


  • Weetabix (or some other cereal your child likes – NOT sugar coated!)
  • Liquigen & double cream (use like milk on the weetabix)
  • Liquid sweetener
  • Cheese or Ham on the side (for protein choices)


Cooked Breakfasts:


  • Bacon and/or Egg
  • Mushrooms/Tomatoes
  • Fried Bread
  • MCT Oil and ordinary oil or Cream or Liquigen

You can make an omelette adding some of the liquigen to it.

MCT Oil is great for making fried bread and a very easy way of losing the fat.

You can make an ordinary fried breakfast and give the liquigen as a drink – sweetened with liquigen sweetener and some flavouring in it.


Toast Breakfast

Cheese on toast with liquigen to drink and some fruit.

Marmite on toast with butter.  Liquigen and some cream, fruit, liquid sweetener blitzed up to make a fruit smoothie!  You will probably have to add some cheese or ham to this breakfast as well for protein.

Sardines on Toast – with one of the above fruit smoothies!





  • Quorn or Beef and cheese
  • Lasagne sheets
  • Butter, cream, and liquigen. .
  • Onion, tinned tomato and cucumber. (or you may choose something else from your exchange lists)
  • Pinch of garlic, mixed Italian herbs and a little marmite can be added.

Fry onion and garlic in butter until soft, add tomato mixed with half the liquigen allowance, herbs and marmite. Once simmering add Quorn/Beef, simmer for fifteen mins, add water if required.

At the same time cook the lasagne in boiled water for 5 – 10 mins to soften. Heat the remaining liquigen , stir in the grated cheese and cream .

Layer the Quorn/beef sauce between the lasagne, pour the cheese sauce over the top, and cook in a moderate oven for 20 mins (You could save a little cheese to grate over the top and then put under the grill to brown).


Beef Casserole


  • Beef/Steak
  • Potato
  • MCT oil/Liquigen, oil, mayo
  • Onion, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes (Tinned)
  • Pinch of Marmite, garlic herbs


Fry onions/garlic in oil, add beef chunks, brown then simmer with marmite, tomato, herbs and 2/3 liquigen allowance.

Microwave carrots briefly to soften them, add to pan (15 minutes), add mushrooms. Simmer until meat softened. Use further 1/3 liquigen in mash potato.


Shepherd's Pie


  • Mince Lamb or beef
  • Potato
  • Liquigen, oil, mayo
  • Tin tomato, onion, broccoli/cauliflower/courgette
  • Pinch of Mixed herbs, parsley, garlic, marmite


Fry onion/garlic in oil, add mince, brown. Add tomato with 2/3 liquigen, herbs and marmite, simmer.

Cook and mash potato with 1/3 liquigen. Serve with broccoli.

For a change use ¾ meat allowance and ¼ cheese allowance. Sprinkle cheese on top of potato. Bake in moderate oven 15-20 minutes.


Tuna Taglietelli


  • ¾ Tuna allowance, ¼ cheese allowance
  • ¾ pasta allowance, ¼ tomato soup allowance
  • Cream, mayo, butter, MCT Oil
  • Onion, mushrooms, cucumber
  • Pinch of Garlic, mixed herbs, parsley


Cook onions/garlic in 2/3 MCT oil until soft, add mushrooms.

Add soup herbs and tuna.

Cook tagliatelle then add to soup mix. Put in oven dish.

Heat final 1/3 MCT oil with cream melt cheese in it, (keep a little cheese back for the top). Pour over pasta.

Use keto cracker to ‘mop’ up

Serve with cucumber in vinegar and mayo on side.


Garlic Chicken

  • Chicken
  • Roast potatoes
  • MCT Oil/Liquigen , butter and mayonnaise
  • Broccoli , cauliflower and mushrooms
  • Pinch of Garlic , black pepper ,marmite and a pinch of oxo.


Fry the chicken in garlic and butter until browned. Make a sauce with the liquigen/MCT Oil marmite , black pepper and gravy granules, simmer , add mushrooms

Serve with roast potatoes , broccoli and cauliflower


Beef Curry


  • Beef
  • Rice
  • Liquigen, Oil , Cream , Mayonnaise.
  • Tin tomato , Mushrooms Cauliflower and onion .
  • Curry powder and garlic and sweetener.


Cook garlic and onion in oil , add chopped beef .

Make a sauce with liquigen , tomato and curry powder and sweetener , add to meat .simmer.

Once meat is near to cooked add cauliflower and mushrooms. When cooked remove from heat and stir in cream. Serve with rice and mayonnaise


Chicken Casserole


  • Chicken
  • Potato
  • Liquigen, Oil and mayonnaise
  • Tin tomatoes, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.
  • Pinch of Garlic, mixed herbs and parsley.


Cook garlic and chicken in oil Mix 2/3 of liquigen with tin tomato and herbs, add to chicken .Boil potatoes , mash adding other 1/3 of liquigen

Serve with steamed veg and mayonnaise .


Salmon in Cheese Sauce

  • Salmon fillet and cheese
  • Potato
  • MCT Oil and liquigen, cream and mayonnaise
  • Broccoli, cauliflower, and leeks
  • Pinch of Garlic, paprika and parsley.


Steam salmon and vegetables.

Boil potatoes and mash with ½ liquigen allowance.

Heat MCT oil with cream add cheese for sauce.


Spaghetti Bolognaise

  • Minced beef or quorn
  • Spaghetti
  • Liquigen and oil
  • Tinned tomatoes, onions & mushrooms
  • Pinch of Mixed herbs & garlic


Fry beef or quorn with onion in oil – add mushrooms.

Add tomatoes and herbs and liquigen.

Boil Spaghetti.



Chocolate Brownies


  • Liquigen
  • Self-raising flour
  • Ground Almonds
  • Cocoa
  • Egg
  • Sweetener
  • Vanilla essence

Multiply ingredients by 10 and Mix all ingredients together – put in cake tin (swiss roll tin) and when cooked – divide into 10 equal portions.

Bake in a moderate oven approx 20 mins

May be frozen

Hope these help – if you have any ideas and any good recipes then please let us know.

Val Aldridge
Assistant Co-ordinator – Matthews Friends.

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