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Amber's Story - Hypoallergenic!

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The Ketogenic Diet – Hypoallergenic!

My daughter, Amber, was on the Ketogenic Diet for six months in 2007, before starting the diet she had always been Soya, Dairy and Gluten Free and had proven intolerances to Wheat and Almonds through Intolerance Testing.

Although we weren’t totally sure that she was medically intolerant to Soya and Dairy, it was mainly through observation. We decided that we would re-introduce these foods in order to start the diet. It soon became apparent that her seizures were getting a lot worse, and when I look back I’m sure she was in a constant complex partial state until we removed the offending items from her diet. We narrowed it down to the formula she was taking initially, so we withdrew it and immediately she improved we knew to continue we would have to find worthwhile alternatives that could be sourced easily.

Initially we were using Coconut Oil and Coconut Cream as a replacement for the Full Cream and Butter. This is a worthwhile alternative however, we found it was difficult to get enough fat into her using this as a substitute. Through exhaustive! Research, we stumbled across a company in the UK that produces UHT Goats Cream, the fat content to slightly less than the Dairy Cream. It meant the diet was a lot easier to follow and proved to be a real Godsend, I believe this is also available in the USA. The taste is very much the same as normal cream, and was very well tolerated by my daughter. The replacements we were using Goats Cream, Goats Butter, Goats Cheeses, as well as on occasions the Coconut Cream and Oil.

My daughter is also Gluten intolerant and has intolerances to Almonds, therefore some of the recipes for Muffins have had to be adapted. This didn’t prove to be a problem as there are alternatives such as Macadamia Nuts and Brazil nuts. Amber is extreme as she cannot tolerate Soya as well a dairy, for children that are not Soya intolerant, the diet would be easier to follow, there are a lot of Soya alternatives that would enable the successful execution of the Ketogenic Diet.

Having a copy of the EKM, the Ketogenic Diet Calculator, which is supplied by Matthews Friends, we were able to come up with new recipes and as we are able to input the Food Value of the foods that we most frequently use. We produced some wonderful recipes for Amber. She was doing very well on the diet and all the hard work has certainly been worth it, especially to see her cheeky personality finally coming through.

We discontinued the diet in August 2007, due to advancements in Amber’s diagnosis. We are still trying to get there regarding her diagnosis, but we have no doubt in our minds, that the Ketogenic Diet will always be there for us in the future should we need it and at the time of writing, we are seriously looking at going back to diet as it is proving the best option for Amber.

Carol-Anne Partridge – MF Regional Co-ordinator for the South West.
Keto Mum February – August 2007.

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